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Kevin DeMeritt is an international business and economic expert with deep experience in financial markets and interest rate change. He has a knack for turning this insight into a strategic direction that helps drive value for his clients and companies. This interest and his success in the space have been a consistent driver of a career in which he has helped manage funds, founded companies, and innovated in a variety of industries. 


DeMeritt started his international banking career at the WFI Corporation. Building upon this experience and his analysis that indicated gold would be a safe haven for investment, in 1997 he founded Lear Capital. Since its founding, Lear Capital has grown to be one of the nation’s largest precious metals companies. As an expansion of his professional footprint in the financial management space, in 2008 he co-founded Wilshire Finance Partners, a real estate investment fund. 


DeMeritt holds his Bachelor’s Degree in business and economics from the University of Montana. His interests span market development, the economy, and understanding how geo-political events influence financial cycles. In 1997, he wrote his book, The Bulls, The Bears and The Bust, reviewed by The Associated Press, which predicted the market crash of 2000 and the ensuing rise of gold as a safe investment. This has led to him being a nationally recognized expert and highly sought-after guest commentator on more than 1,000 podcasts, radio, and television shows. He is currently at work expanding on his book and looking ahead to predict how current events will affect the marketplace in the next 10 years.

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