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Image by Anne Nygård
Kevin DeMerritt, founder Lear Capital

Kevin DeMeritt

Founder, Lear Capital

Founder and operator of one of the largest precious metals firms in the US, Lear Capital.


DeMeritt also founded Wilshire Finance Partners in 2008, a private lending company specializing in real estate.

Lear Capital logo, Kevin DeMeritt

Founded in 1997, Lear Capital is a leading precious metals company to investors and institutional clients. With an "Investor-Friendly Service Guarantee" Lear Capital provides investors with the tools needed to securely purchase, sell and trade precious metals. Lear Capital offers a diverse suite of intelligent investment resources including real-time pricing, regular e-mail alerts, newsletters, and personal account representatives to answer questions. Lear Capital not only enables investors to stay current on the latest developments in the gold and precious metal market, but also gives investors the flexibility to move gold and precious metals as expeditiously as conventional paper investments.

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